About STEAMahead

STEAMahead is a community of educators transforming the landscape of science, technology, engineering, art, math (STEAM) careers. We are unleashing new learning opportunities at every level, from youth through early adults pursuing STEM innovation and entrepreneurship as a career.


Create positive perceptions of innovation linked to STEM/STEAM Careers.

Infuse innovation throughout the curriculum.

Build digital literacy and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Ensure that STEAMahead is positioned as an economic imperative to support a changing workforce and future ready skills.

Accelerate big ideas that solve important problems.

 Teach students how to problem solve, collaborate, think critically and innovate with a startup mentality.

What makes us different?


STEAMahead empowers students through nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset. Students are inspired by role models engaged in real-world innovation.

Our integrated approach helps students learn a “shark-tank” mentality to advance a new product or service idea that solves a real problem.


Students receive guidance from professional educators who really care and support  young innovators to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Our virtual courses are for future founders and youth interested in digital literacy to become stronger more resilient leaders in an evolving workplace.


STEAMahead provides K-12 STEM eLearning in small groups and using  individual coaching. We help build confidence, teach business concepts and apply methods that play to a student’s strengths.

Our goal is to provide K-12 students with critical skills that are important to grow and thrive as an STEM innovator in business.

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