STEAMahead™ Mentors

STEAMahead maintains a diverse network of male and female mentors
throughout the greater Chicago area. They are some of the best-known tech
innovators and entrepreneurs who are experts in their field.
You will get to know these subject-matter experts deeply. They’ll work through
some of the biggest challenges with you and your team.



Martha is the CEO of Outsourced Innovation® a twelve-year consulting firm that got its start demonstrating emerging technologies. The company empowers organizations to execute Big Ideas with programs that support a culture of innovation. She has launched two companies and works with an entrepreneurial mindset having broad industry experience in pharmaceuticals, energy and higher education.

Martha has ushered forward hundreds of startups through launch and growth. She is accomplished in product innovation and design thinking and has authored numerous studies and best-practices to advance tech innovation.

Martha is passionate about Women in STEM and an advocate for youth entrepreneurship as a means of self-employment. Through Bradley University, she was awarded the prestigious Roger Lumen Award for Project CEOHelping Women Create Great Companies.  Martha is among the Most Influential Women in Business in 2015 recognized by the Daily Herald.

She holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin. She is a certified New Product Development Professional and STEM Innovator practitioner through the University of Iowa.

TEK 2014 (2)

Tom combines sales and marketing knowledge with procurement supply chain expertise to develop innovative management approaches. He is an expert at change management, “white spacing” and implementing new ideas and processes within large corporate organizations.  

Tom created and implemented a new approach to Purchasing Supply Chain Management at three of the largest USA refineries at BP.  He developed the company’s first global strategic account process and nurtured the first professional, technical-based, self-empowered customer support work team in the company.

Today, Tom nurtures startup entrepreneurs as they start companies, address key barriers and advises business owners on how to take their company to the “next” level.  

Tom graduated from the United States Military Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.  He served in Army for five years, including a tour in Vietnam. Tom received his Master of Science degree in Management Science/Business.  

Amy M. Toepper

Amy M. Toepper is a corporate attorney with more than 15 years of experience. She is the owner of AMT Law, LLC and a co-founder of Legal In A Box, providing access to legal services and forms for entrepreneurs, startups and small business.  

Legal In A Box’s motto is that every business owner, regardless of size, should be able to say, “Let me speak to my attorney.”  Amy helps small businesses get their legal house in order while providing employment opportunities for women with law degrees who want flexible, alternative work schedules.

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